Small Business Consulting Strategist

Helping you design and maintain success!

Small Business Consulting Strategist

Helping you design and maintain success!



Business Organization Development

Do you have a passion you want to turn into a business but are unsure where or how to begin? Or, do you find the process intimidating?

I can help you navigate those murky waters by providing guidance with business plan development, organizational structure and filing compliance, and all the other details that are an exciting part of starting your own business. 


Back Office Admin Assistance

Do you currently own a small business but are finding yourself over burdened with administrative details which are preventing you from spending quality time actually doing  your business? Or maybe you're frustrated because these obligations are preventing you from spending time planning for further growth and profitability or pursuing a recreational interest. 

I can relieve you of these time consuming tasks by providing hands on assistance with scheduling, bookkeeping referrals, tax prep referrals, office organization, answering services, email monitoring, correspondence, bill payment, banking, insurance compliance oversight, expenditure oversight,  and so much more!


Customer Service Development, Process Development and Improvement

With over 40 years of personal business experience, I easily identify areas where even small improvements to overall customer service can realize tremendous positive results in repeat business, referrals, and higher ratings. This provides greater profitability for you! 

I provide consultation and implementation of process development, or improvements to streamline operations creating increased efficiencies. Which translates to more money and time into your account.