About Us

My Experience


After spending a full career as an executive assistant in a variety of business sectors, and a business owner of a $15 million company, I decided to alter direction. I realized I was hearing from many people about how they loved and were passionate about the businesses they had started, but just did not have enough hours in the day to actually DO the business because of all the "paperwork". Or, for the same reasons, their private hours were diminished. 


I recognized my breadth of experience coupled with my passion for helping others could be utilized to assist small business owners or potential owners by providing expert guidance and back office heavy lifting with admin details, in addition to marketing and advertising. Networking is my forte' which gets your branding in front of potential customers for instant name recognition. 

A recent client I assisted with starting his tree and landscaping business in 2018, realized first year new sales of $115k with a solid profit!

My goal is to help you realize your dream, regain more time in your life, and enjoy the financial fruits of your labors. 

My Approach


While many consultants service only high-end clients or may appear intimidating, that is not my style. 

While I am a consummate professional, I prefer a relationship building approach. I also prefer getting to know your company or idea by "getting my hands dirty" with the details and actually at times performing the work of your business. I won't overtax you with a myriad of spreadsheet details, glitzy presentations, or lengthy reports. I keep everything short and sweet and rely upon constant communication and input from you.

 I provide what you request, not what I think you need in terms of reports etc. 

It is your business after all. 

While many businesses focus on high sales or growing in size, I will demonstrate how a pinpointed approach towards profitability along with growth presents a more balanced goal. 

Why KAG Enterprise?


Business mentors are key. I want to give each of you the time and guidance you deserve and desire.  Whether you’re seeking a strategic alliance with the right partner, or a special skillset or tool, call me today. 

Together we’ll create and refine your plan for success and put more time and money in your control. 

I didn’t get here alone. And neither will you. 

Qualified references are available.